How To Combat The Social Justice Warrior Movement

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Socially progressive thinking has been highly encouraged by society over the years, given that this has enabled many voices to be heard, thereby shaping our country into what it is today. Many movements such as feminism, multiculturalism, politics, civil rights, and others have sprung forth from social progression as a consequence. It seems we are at a point in time when people would protest Disney podcasts or the latest kid’s movie just as much as they would politics anymore. 

While fighting for these movements against oppressors is deemed as a noble cause, many people such as social justice warriors have used this as a means of personal validation instead of it being a conviction, thereby resulting in misinterpreted movements and ruined advocacies. With this in mind, you can learn how to combat the social justice warrior movement by looking at its strengths and weaknesses.

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How People Define Social Justice Warrior

As mentioned earlier, progressive thinking has led to the establishment of many movements which shaped our society into what it is today. This all started when our ancestors began fighting for the acceptance, tolerance, and open-mindedness from society in the past years. While socially progressive views have initiated the establishment of noble causes, people have used it as a means of personal validation through virtue signaling as they project themselves as heroes in many forms of media.

People define social justice warriors as those who do the mentioned acts above. They define a social justice warrior as someone who seems to be fighting for social justice but with personal intentions, treating advocacies as a mere game. In this regard, people define social justice warriors in a pejorative, and almost satirical manner as they view SJWs as people merely playing games.

How to Deal with Social Justice Warriors

how to deal with social justice warriorsIt is important to know how to deal with social justice warriors to clarify noble advocacies and fight against dangerous misconceptions of progressive movements. Despite the ease of learning how to win an argument with an SJW, it still pays how to deal with social justice warriors and prevent fighting an uncalled battle with them. Over the years, many people who define themselves as social justice warriors have experienced many epic fails with their line of thinking, often bringing themselves in embarrassing moments which are hard to forget. Given that social justice warriors are sensitive, it pays to learn how to deal with social justice warriors without the need to fight them through takedown speeches and articles you have posted over the internet. Doing so will only bring an endless debate which will ultimately end with frustrations from both sides of the coin.

How to Win an Argument with an SJW

Now that you know how people define a social justice warrior, and you have learned the importance of dealing with them peacefully, learning how to win an argument with an SJW can also come in handy especially when you’re left with no choice but to do so. One of the most effective tactics to win them over is not to instruct them, but agree with some of their statements while slowly integrating your own.

Fighting against social justice warriors may be challenging, and the best way to win a fight is to avoid having one in the first place. SJWs can be close-minded at times, so it helps if you pay little to no attention about arguments which don’t quite make sense.

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