Can Trump Actually Drain The Swamp?

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The past election has facilitated many debates and discussions between voters, candidates, and parties, hitting each other with accusations as well as making promises of improving the administration once a presidential candidate is elected.

In particular, one of the candidates running for president, Donald Trump, promised to end corruption in Washington through his statement and slogan that he is going to “drain the swamp”, creating a less traditional administration, hiring Washington D.C. outsiders or people who are not career politicians.

The idea was that Americans should expect Donald Trump to end government corruption by draining the swamp. Trump would fulfill his promise to his American and non-American supporters based on the Trump drain the swamp speech.

Trump’s drain the swamp speech implied how corruption has been going on in Washington over the past years and in this regard, Trump vowed to stop government mosquitoes from doing any further damage by defining what the current swamp cabinet is and replacing it with a better one.

Draining the Swamp Meaning

Draining the Swamp Meaning

Many politicians have used the term, “draining the swamp” meaning, they have promised voters and other supporters they will be cleaning the administration in order to get rid of the political mosquitoes which have been infesting the swamp with self-serving, non-elected politicians. With this in mind, Trump’s campaign calls for unity against corruption, albeit his manner of delivery seemed otherwise.

Trump Drain the Swamp Speech

The Trump drain the swamp speech was delivered during his election campaign in Manchester, New Hampshire. In his speech, Trump capitalized on the shortcomings of the Democrats and pointed out how the White House previously tolerated corruption in politics.

Trump mentioned something about draining the swamp meaning, and he wanted to revitalize the government by getting rid of corrupt politicos and replacing them with new ones, which he built slowly after he won elections.

the meaning of swamp cabinet

What Is a Swamp Cabinet

Knowing what a swamp cabinet is, Donald Trump used the term or the phrase, “drain the swamp” as capital or as a means to pledge a noble act to the voters to make his campaign even more appealing to the masses so that people will elect him.

Trump’s speech gained the attention of most of his followers, and it even encouraged people to know he was draining the swamp meaning. Since Donald Trump already knew what the swamp cabinet was composed of, it is believed the guy already had plans in mind.

Draining the swamp can be a tough task, given it takes time to completely drain the system from corruption and develop or establish a new one which works best for the people.

The 2016 Election was an episode of promises made by candidates which people are still waiting to be fulfilled. In this regard, many critics of Trump’s administration have voiced their concerns of how Trump’s capability to “drain the swamp,” given that some have pointed out hope he appointed several officials with similar backgrounds and tendencies.

With this in mind, Americans are expected to react accordingly with how these promises are fulfilled, through scrutiny and observation of recurring patterns in previous administrations.

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