The Role of State Attorney General in Prevention of Crime Occurrence

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The State Attorney General holds a special position in the Penal Justice System. Due to his qualification and responsibilities, State Attorney General plays a vital and pretty effective role in preventing crime occurrence in the state.  According to the law, it was of paramount importance to prevent the crime occurrence, and the State Attorney General is not only helping substantially to keep the crimes at bay but also providing the security and improving the lives of the residents. Let’s see how State Attorney General plays a pivotal role to eliminate the crime occurrence.

How State Attorney General Play a Role to prevent Crimes?

Every state of United States has a State Attorney General. State Attorney General performs the following functions to prevent the crime:


The primary function of the State Attorney General to prevent the crime is to make the legislation. Attorney Generals have many divisions that assess the different crimes differently and make the laws according to the levels of the crime.

The fundamental characteristic to prevent a crime is to pass some solid laws. The Attorney General’s office suggests the punishments for the crimes and makes them legalize.

Enforcing the Law

After making the legislation, the next step is to enforce the law effectively. Of course, State Attorney General has direct supervision and jurisdiction authorities over the district and county attorneys and the sheriffs as well. More importantly, all the local police departments and sheriffs are directly supervised by the Office of the State Attorney General and this the responsibility of the police to enforce the law in a true spirit.

Generally, the criminal cases are assessed and investigated by the police and local attorneys under the guidance of the State Attorney. The case is not investigated directly by the State Attorney General. However, this is the sole responsibility of the State Attorney General to implement the law equally across the state and take some tangible steps to enforce the law.

The law is important because without the law people are let to their own devices and then you’re looking at a situation where people start looking for the best self defense knife or the best otf knife so they can protect themselves but this can be dangerous if people feel like they are on their own when it comes to protecting themselves and the law.

Agreement and Resolution

If there is such a crime that involves a victim as well, then State Attorney General also gives the directives to the local attorneys and the police to settle the problem between victim and offender. If the victim is convinced by the offender, then they can opt for the agreement and resolution and eradicate the case at all.

Education and Training

The State Attorney General also corporate and introduce educational and training programs for the public. The main purpose of these types of programs is to educate the people about different crimes and their side effects for the state. The programs also unveil the punishments of different crimes so that citizens avoid the crime.

On the other hand, State Attorney General asks some volunteer students and officers to get the training of educating the people about the crime. The State Attorney General also spends a lot of money to train the police to keep the crimes at bay. Police are given special training to assess the different crimes before the occurrence and to take special measures to safeguard the life of the citizens.

All in all, The State Attorney General is a key position that controls the peace of the cities and plays a central role prevent the crimes.

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