Has Disney Become Too Political?

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There was a time when Disney used to be for kids. Many look at Disney and have fond memories of Disney animated shows and movies. Over the years though, Disney has also grown. It has new acquisition such as Star Wars and Marvel. Disney has grown so much now.

Disney is also flexing its political muscle. Chief Executive Robert Iger, for instance, is in President Trump’s advisory council. Iger at a shareholder’s meeting even has to defend his role in the council. He said that his participation there is a privileged opportunity.

It isn’t just that Disney is flexing its political power. There is also much talk about Disney being politically correct. Too politically correct, as some might say. This has been noticed lately in the tone some Marvel Comics titles have. For some people, it seems that Disney through Marvel is trying to appease the SJW crowd.

The changes are evident in some titles such as “Thor” and “Iron Man.” There are fans who have noticed this trend on Marvel lately that it has taken good storytelling in the back seat and has pushed SJW issues to the front, as claimed by some of the fans.

Some are worried that this might also creep into Star Wars as well. There are some worries by fans that the introduction of Rey into the sequel trilogy would push the franchise into an SJW direction. Some would even go far as to say that the SJW issue is already in the franchise as well with “Rogue One.” So far though, most fans agree that such overt tendencies have not been noticed yet.

Disney seems to be growing fast despite this political trend. Iger has pointed to the success of “Rogue One” and the growing attendance in the new Shanghai Disneyland, which opened last June 2016. Such growth then can hide the fears that Disney is getting political. For most people, these issues go to the backseat once they visit Disneyland or else watch a new Marvel movie. The issues then disappear as people are entertained.

Disney stores have been doing well also, at least those in its theme parks are doing well. The best bags for Disney are there, for one. The issue is also not too evident in the top Disney podcasts. Why talk about them when there are more good things to talk about Disney, after all?

Yet the issues won’t likely go away soon. There are fans disturbed by the trend that Disney is taking with the SJW issues. They feel that many of their favorite characters are being relegated to the wayside to make way for new ones. This seems most true with Marvel. People can’t help but notice it.

Yet while there are those who complain, there are others who are okay with the new trend. Whether this would continue or would have an impact remains to be seen. Those who are against it point to the declining sales in many Marvel Comics titles as proof. It might not yet be that clear though, and many are watching to see if the trend actually continues.

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