Russian Bots Aren’t The Real Danger In Online Security

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For the last few months of 2017, there generates the criticism of Russian bots becoming a threat to the current United States administration. While there seems to be diverse, interesting perspectives on the situation, having to affix everything to the word Russia wherein lies the problem.


Just a bit of orientation in a flashback: social bots are computer programs employed for use in social media to consistently produce and promote ideas for a certain advocacy. These bots may come in the form of tweets, comments, statuses or text messages acted out by a certain person and/or organization who poses as a follower or is represented by a fake account. When these bots are generated online, they cause the distribution of non-validated information that creates a diversion to another topic and eventually an unclarified or muddled discussion about recent political issues as well as the distortion of the reputation online security.


The questions at hand are—what makes you feel safe online? How can you make the most of being an online citizen without having to be too careless with your personal information? The honest answer to the first question (and tying this in with the Russian bots) is that the possibility of being spied on is not the issue but rather how secure online information is. The need for privacy and surveillance works side by side and because a high level of cynicism has permeated due to diplomatic mistreatment and misuse, we have had a firmer grasp on our online identities.


It’s said that come the 21st century, information has become the most valuable possession that one can have. So in case of danger, what do you do? One can’t just consider something drastic like having a document shredding in Springfield to get rid of unwanted data. Remember, only until recently did computers store identities – and the only purpose why these were collected was to make connectivity more accessible and efficient in cases of communication, emergencies or social security.


The irony is why hacking takes place in a world of accessibility. There’s a purpose why androids and iPhones make us go through a grueling, eye-rolling process of saving different kinds of names and passwords: we need a lot of outward information to penetrate our real and basic ones. Make use of the data protection on your phone. Remembering it just means that you will have to write it down in a paper and store it in a safe place. Believe us, you are ten times safer guarding that piece of paper with your life than going through the endless step after steps after your phone is hacked.  


If you are thinking of having repetitive passwords that are similar to Springfield, Missouri based electronic recycling then that would almost be giving away your footprints. A strong passcode now feels like an armor. You wouldn’t let a stranger know what you text or sent. There are listing and guides online that show you ways of developing a substantial password—the kind that is easy for you and difficult for others. Read more about stories like these at

3 Ways Businesses Can Excel Without Government Assistance

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You may have researched plenty of ways to start your business without money and a lot of these articles talk about funding from an outside source. There are loans, investments, and grants. Government is also helping out small businesses with loads of grants and other forms of government financial assistance. However, the easy free money now grants may be too good to be true. While it is easy to find, it may be harder to qualify. Most of these funds address targeted causes such as military needs, pollution reduction and the like. Charity, foundation and corporate grants may be an option but only to educational and nonprofit applicants. Then if you do qualify for a grant, government agencies and organizations will expect the likes of research and job creation in turn or matching funds from your business or other sources. There are plenty of ways you can make do without government assistance and still survive.


Partner Up

Get your suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers to invest or partner up with you. If you form an alliance with other businesses that already have prospective customers, you have better and faster chances of succeeding. They can sell for a commission. They can help market your brand and best of all, for a small business with a limited marketing budget, partnering up with other businesses that complement your business can add credibility to your business. In a way, you also partner up with your customers by building good and strong relationships with them, providing them with unbeatable customer experience. Word-of-mouth recommendations, referrals and good reviews should also keep your business soaring. That’s exactly what McIntyre Fencing did (you can find theme here:, they partnered up with vendors and other businesses that sell complimentary products and doubled their revenue.


Other Options for Funding

Customers and other people can help you fund your business. If you receive funding from sources other than the government, it means they believe in you and your brand so you should be able to turn that capital into the idea that is in your head. You should also be clear to your investors about your priorities, about the company and how you plan to get things done.


Another option is to merge with another business to jumpstart your business growth. It may be good for your business to work alongside a brand with a lot of similarities. That way, the merger allows for a smooth integration of both businesses.


You can also opt to go the route of franchising to duplicate your business faster and with very little money coming from you. It’s a great option if you’re thinking of expanding your business but don’t have enough funds for it.


Reinvest Your Revenue

Don’t think of your revenue as your income but as tools you can use to grow your business. Use your profits to buy equipment, supplies, advertise or set up the business infrastructure that you need. Spend money on timely and efficient resources that will earn you money in the present and in the long run. You can also save funds to assist your business in revenue downtime. Money reinvested and put to good use can help your business excel and thrive on your own terms.



This ends by going back to the beginning of your business. That time before you even started laying your foundation, analyzing the feasibility of your project. Business feasibility is essential if you want to start your business, grow your business and excel. Then you can depend on your hard work to bankroll your business without having to rely on outside assistance, at least not from the government.

The Treasure Map To Finding Valuable Identity Theft Lawyers

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The professional fees charged by identity theft lawyers can be quite steep. You could probably find an identity theft law expert offering discounted rates as a method to acquire new clients. These steps can be of help to you in getting affordable identity theft lawyers in your area.

Nowadays identity theft law experts and law firms have turned to be like any other business as they can be honest or sometimes give clients false promises. If you happen to meet an identity theft lawyer who blows his own trumpet by claiming he or she is really the best, learn a little more about his work to see if they match with their claims. See the quality of their work from their track record, academic achievements and also reputation. Check through online reviews to confirm their promises and see what other clients say about him or her.

If you ever find yourself in a legal situation, hire an ethical identity theft lawyer with a great reputation to represent you. An identity theft law expert may transfer your legal case to a coworker if they think your specific case needs might be better served by another identity theft law attorney. If your identity theft lawyer of choice refers you to someone else, simply go on and find yourself a new identity theft law expert.

If there’s not good communication between you and your identity theft law attorney, you have a problem. If you have an identity theft law expert of high caliber, they’re going to make certain that you understand all of their information. Provide your legal consultant with all details relating to your case, because he can best represent you only if he knows everything. The biggest factor with which you have a chance of winning your case is good quality interaction between you and your legal consultant.

You should always hire an identity theft law attorney who specializes in the field of law related to your case. Most identity theft law attorneys have particular areas that they are trained and experienced in. A great way to start looking for an identity theft lawyer is to investigate people who have successfully resolved cases like yours. To learn more about the skills the identity theft lawyer has in relation to your particular issue, schedule an initial consultation.

You should always have an initial interview with an identity theft law expert before you make a decision to work with them. In a face-to-face interview, pay close attention to how each prospective legal consultant you meet listens and responds to your questions, how much they learn about your kind of case, and even how frequently they maintain eye contact. If an identity theft lawyer keeps steady eye contact when talking with you, you could trust that he or she will probably be invested in your legal case. Research multiple identity theft law attorneys and meet several of your very best options, then choose whichever one indicated an investment in your legal case and the capability of ensuring a great outcome. If you need to find a great law firm in Springfield, Missouri then we recommend Neale & Newman, LLP as they have been around for over 100 years and are a firm you can trust.

Has Disney Become Too Political?

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There was a time when Disney used to be for kids. Many look at Disney and have fond memories of Disney animated shows and movies. Over the years though, Disney has also grown. It has new acquisition such as Star Wars and Marvel. Disney has grown so much now.

Disney is also flexing its political muscle. Chief Executive Robert Iger, for instance, is in President Trump’s advisory council. Iger at a shareholder’s meeting even has to defend his role in the council. He said that his participation there is a privileged opportunity.

It isn’t just that Disney is flexing its political power. There is also much talk about Disney being politically correct. Too politically correct, as some might say. This has been noticed lately in the tone some Marvel Comics titles have. For some people, it seems that Disney through Marvel is trying to appease the SJW crowd.

The changes are evident in some titles such as “Thor” and “Iron Man.” There are fans who have noticed this trend on Marvel lately that it has taken good storytelling in the back seat and has pushed SJW issues to the front, as claimed by some of the fans.

Some are worried that this might also creep into Star Wars as well. There are some worries by fans that the introduction of Rey into the sequel trilogy would push the franchise into an SJW direction. Some would even go far as to say that the SJW issue is already in the franchise as well with “Rogue One.” So far though, most fans agree that such overt tendencies have not been noticed yet.

Disney seems to be growing fast despite this political trend. Iger has pointed to the success of “Rogue One” and the growing attendance in the new Shanghai Disneyland, which opened last June 2016. Such growth then can hide the fears that Disney is getting political. For most people, these issues go to the backseat once they visit Disneyland or else watch a new Marvel movie. The issues then disappear as people are entertained.

Disney stores have been doing well also, at least those in its theme parks are doing well. The best bags for Disney are there, for one. The issue is also not too evident in the top Disney podcasts. Why talk about them when there are more good things to talk about Disney, after all?

Yet the issues won’t likely go away soon. There are fans disturbed by the trend that Disney is taking with the SJW issues. They feel that many of their favorite characters are being relegated to the wayside to make way for new ones. This seems most true with Marvel. People can’t help but notice it.

Yet while there are those who complain, there are others who are okay with the new trend. Whether this would continue or would have an impact remains to be seen. Those who are against it point to the declining sales in many Marvel Comics titles as proof. It might not yet be that clear though, and many are watching to see if the trend actually continues.

Is The Real Estate Boom Due To The Trump Effect?

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Real estate is an important factor contributing to a nation’s wealth. This comprises around 6% of America’s gross domestic product (GDP), one of the main gauges of a nation’s economic strength. Recently, New York Federal Reserve has released that USA’s economy has reached an almost 3.2% increase in the nation’s GDP in the fourth quarter. An increased GDP, of course, signifies various things, one of which is the boom of the different economic sectors of America – including real estate. As an entrepreneur who made billions in real estate market, President Donald Trump, together with the current administration, claim the credit on this pleasant economic growth spurt. Is this true? How much of this economic increase can be attributed to the current administration? Is the real estate boom really because of the Trump administration or is this a case of claiming where credit isn’t due?

In his campaign, the President laid many goals that he wanted to achieve during his reign, one of which is the Rebuild America Plan that aimed to spend $1 trillion to rebuild U.S. infrastructure. This proposal has undoubtedly spurred a spike in the real estate market due to increased construction. The building of commercial and industrial properties did not only create jobs but also increased investments. Movers and builders, like piano movers Denver is an example of those that benefit from the real estate boom. Any business boom can be seen in parasite type of industries like secure paper shredding and other similar business related business services.

The humongous percentage growth brought about by Trump’s election in the stock market has also raised optimism among investors and consumers alike. Despite the increased mortgage, with the economy and wages picking up, prospective buyers are more secure and confident in buying.  This was translated to a 6% increase in new home sales in February.

Also, Trump administration’s more lofty goal of housing tax reduction for Americans can also help in enticing more prospective home buyers in purchasing their own properties. Lower taxes can also mean that potential buyers can save more money to pay their mortgage. Credit availability may also improve. Add this to the fact that more millennials are now looking for a home they can purchase or rent in order to assert their independence, real estate market is on the rise.

However, it should be noted that lowered tax rate may spur those hoping to buy their first homes to just consider renting due to the elimination of mortgage-related tax savings. The increased demand for homebuyers from the millennial generation will also skyrocket the price thus stymie potential buyers. This, on the other hand, will be more beneficial to landlords and renters allowing them to invest more in commercial real estate. There also is the booming market of auctions for estates. According to the top auctioneer in Springfield, MO, Foreman Auction, they say in the past year business has gone up considerably since the new administration has been in place.

The real estate is a tricky thing affected by various factors with effects that are sometimes not as clear-cut as we want them to be. With many factors affecting the rise and fall of the market, you cannot exactly pinpoint what caused it to grow and deflate. Though you cannot deny that the Trump administration played a part in the growth of the real estate growth, saying that it’s solely caused by the cunning of the current administration would be too much. It’s not simply a matter of reducing one factor in order to increase one, especially if other more complex factors come into play.

How Government Regulations Affect the Trucking Industry

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The shift in the government administration has led to many changes in the country’s economic and industrial situations. Not that I’m surprised. The President, from the get-go, is a business-oriented individual. His predilection with trade comes with no surprise new regulations that are focused on, and I quote, “Rebuilding the country’s crumbling Infrastructure” and by making businesses as easy as possible. Among those that are affected by these mandates is the Transportation Industry. This affects not just carriers, shippers and truck drivers alike but also the consumers. Though the changes may be drastic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the effect will be negative, however, it is apparent that the Trucking Industry is about to face some major shift. Also if you own a trucking company it’s probably a given now that you are going to need to keep a lawyer on retainer as there are more and more regulations being placed on the industry every year.

For one, the new administration’s trillion-dollar Infrastructure Program has led to the increase in the number of delivery trucks needed to move supplies, equipment and other materials around the country.  However, on the negative side, the trucking industry is facing a major decrease in the number of eligible truckers due to the Entry Level Driver Training Rules. This rule, as proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCMSA), aims to increase the number of training hours for truck drivers. Minimum of 10-hour training on a driving range and an unspecified number of time on a public road is among the new requirements proposed by FCMSA last year.

Another rule that is making waves in the Trucking Industry is the Greenhouse Gas Rules. This new mandate issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ensures the reduction of carbon emissions through three phases of new greenhouse standards. Though the reduction of carbon emissions had environmentalists nodding in agreement, the costs and the economic impact brought about by the rule had carriers and owners grimacing. In order to achieve this gas regulation and the standard set by EPA, suitable technologies are needed. The cost of achieving that emission standard is not necessarily cheap so carriers and owners should expect a temporary hike in the tractor and trailer price.  To compensate for these added costs, EPA suggests companies to make use of fuel saving. A great way to achieve this by is employing companies engaged in fuel distribution like Fort Worth diesel fuel distributor. This is a reputable fuel distributor company that makes use of Fuel Delivery Optimization Software to determine the lowest Cost per Delivered Gallon.

The third regulation that is setting a new trend in the trucking industry is the implementation of the Electronic Log Device (ELD) mandate. This mandate is one of those that I consider troublesome at first but beneficial on the long run. The implementation of ELD allows for the accurate recording of driver logs (hours on duty, hours-of-service rules, days on duty, speed, location) and easy but accurate transfer HOS records to roadside inspectors either through email, USB or Bluetooth connection. The setback in the rule though is the fact that ELD equipment can be quite expensive, however, if you think about the reduction in the amount time in filling in paperwork and the actual costs of logbooks and filing for RODS, the mandate, in the long run is more beneficial.

How Healthcare Became Political

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Right now you may be concerned with the latest movies or tv shows but there is another health topic U.S. citizens may need to be concerned about. Whether you like it or not, politicians can meddle in your health care program and whether it is an immediate concern of yours or not, you may want to look into the topic.


Citizens of Canada, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden are already enjoying free healthcare and universal health care. In the United States, Dr. Rashi Fein of the Harvard Medical School believes it will be many years more before we will have national health insurance. In fact, the United States stands as the only developed nation without universal health coverage. However, the U.S. government spends most on healthcare per person than Canada and other countries with free, universal health coverage. This has created an environment in the U.S. where things like Essential Fitness apparel, top rated wrist wraps of 2016 and supplements to try and stay out of any of these health care institutions and just take care of themselves. 


But, why? Below are three reasons that attempt to explain why our country lacks a national health insurance.

  1. The strong American sense of individuality. Americans, in particular conservatives, believe in classical liberalism. There is that strong belief that government’s role in society should be limited and healthcare should be a personal responsibility. Public research also pointed to a low percentage of Americans believing that health care should be government’s responsibility.
  2. Interest groups invest much against it. Billions are spent in active lobbying against any attempts at a comprehensive national health insurance. The insurance industry alone spends hundreds of millions to keep private insurance as opposed to a government-funded one.
  3. Any type of entitlement program in the U.S. is hard to enact. Once something gets going in the government, it goes through the obstacle course of budget estimates, congressional committees, amendments, opposition and a potential veto. Also, people in general don’t like it when drastic change happens all of a sudden. Any health care policy involves lots of people receiving benefits and those involve a lot of costs. Private health insurance in the U.S. is expensive and lots of people rely on cost-reducing subsidies through their employers or the government. With the U.S. per capita spending in healthcare at almost $10,000, any effort to expand healthcare coverage will result in higher taxes due to skyrocketing expenses.


But how did we get to this point? When did America start to move towards a different direction than the other industrialized nations and build up a system that focused on private insurance? Karen Palmer, a professor of health science at Simon Fraser University suggests that a series of historical events led to this point.


Before World War I, liberal governments attempted to follow the lead of Germany and the other countries regarding healthcare but opposition came from every direction including insurance companies, private businesses, labor organizations, and doctors. State-sponsored healthcare was seen as an unnecessary and paternalistic expense. Palmer further noted that the root of the current system happened in 1943 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt imposed a labor wage freeze and companies began offering pension and health benefits to retain their workers. Some, like the Obamacare made employer-sponsored healthcare a government mandate whereas the healthcare reform proposed by the Trump administration will remove this mandate.


Another turning point, says Palmer happened in 1944 when California governor Earl Warren introduced a compulsory state-wide health insurance, paid for through Social Security. The founders of  of Campaigns, Inc, in behalf of the California Medical Association lobbied against the so-called German invention and gained success.


Even in the 1910s, medical professionals and right-wing politicians opposed attempts to expand national health coverage renouncing the concept as Soviet-inspired. The result is the medical industry benefits more from this system able to pay doctors in the US more than elsewhere. Finally, David Himmelstein, a professor of public health at CUNY explains the absence of a labor party in the US representing the working class as an overarching explanation.

The Proper Way To Find A Great Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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When searching for the best bathroom design and remodeling contractor, remember to look at their customer service skills. In addition, you’ll want to hire someone you can trust to work alone in your house. Look to past clients to make certain your bathroom design service provider won’t cut corners. We now have assembled a few methods below to help you in learning despite whether you have found the ideal temporary worker.

In case you have any complaints with your local bathroom design and remodeling contractor, ensure you have done it in a private place. If there’s a dispute, it is of prime importance that both you and the bathroom design service provider can discuss the matter without reservation. Consider putting a hold on your project while you finalize a meeting time and place, but only if your timeline can afford it. You will always be glad that you have made a detailed contract with your local contractor.

One of the busiest times for bathroom design and remodeling contractors is during the summer when the climate offers warmth and pleasantry. When it comes to the hiring process, be sure to be extra careful so that you could avoid possible setbacks. A few contractual remodeling specialists will tackle more undertakings than suggested with the goal that they can make the most benefit yet will later find that they don’t have sufficient energy for every one. Have a clear communicate about the amount of time to spent on your project and ask the local bathroom design service provider if for sure they have enough time for the project.

If you are going to remodel your bathroom it’s important that you take care of the things leftover from the demolition day. We recommend finding Dumpster rentals in Buda to get yourself a good one.

The busiest bathroom design and remodeling contractors are usually the ones best known for providing the very best work and have the greatest reputation. If you need to wait to get services from a specific contractor, you could make sure to get excellent results after the job is done. The downside is potentially that they might not be solely working on your project alone. Above all else, when attempting to find a professional contractor, pay attention to your instincts.

A valued bathroom design and remodeling contractor will do all in their power to provide great results. Efficient contractors are on time and keep all of their promises. Ensure you have given your contractor enough time to work on your work with little disturbance for amazing results. Discover how the contractual worker plans to handle any risk issues.

In order to find a good bathroom design and remodeling contractor, you mustn’t do the process too quickly. Many people find a great contractor by asking members of their family or friends for referrals. Meeting a licensed contractor who impresses you could be done by using networking opportunities and not just by showing you great looking wooden planter boxes from previous jobs. Never interview just one contractor; the more you speak to, the more likely you’re to be satisfied with the one you choose.

Also it’s important to know if you do hire a contractor and they turn out to be a big dud then you have legal rights to get your money back. If you find yourself in this situation we highly recommending reaching out to Phillips & Associates of Oklahoma City as they have experience in these matters and will help you out greatly.


Traveling With The Family & How To Stay Sane

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The fall can seem like an endless opportunity to do whatever we love! We can shop till we drop, stay awake as long as we want, sleep as much as we can, eat heat-beating foods like a Popsicle or an ice cream,  swim over great resorts and beaches and of course our favorite- we can travel to the places we’ve never been to. Traveling across the whole world is totally an unforgettable experience but being with your family as you come across countries is a lot more memorable and thanks to Fall, we can spend the rest of the season with our loved ones on the places we love to visit.

When it comes to traveling, can make us a little panicky knowing that it’s unfortunately limited in time. As the clock ticks, we want to make sure that we can make every second count and make our Fall the best time of the year. For that reason, we give you the best Fall escapade idea ever that will help you relax and keep your sanity. So, pack up your things, grab your passport, bring the whole family with you as we will fly you to the best Fall destination- Disney World

Staying at Disney World is by far the finest Fall getaway for all kids and kids by heart. It caters 27 themed resort hotels, nine non–Disney hotels, four theme parks, two water parks, several golf courses, a camping resort, and others fantastic venues that every generation will love. To make it a lot more interesting and exciting we’re going to spill some of the top Disney World secrets just for you. Did you know that they pipe in the scent of freshly baked cookies in the Main Street? Yum isn’t? Did you know that an underground city does exist? Fantastic right? Also, if ever you see a human character ask them a movie-related question and they will act in their character. If you would like to learn more interesting things about Disney then be sure to find one of the top podcasts about Disney to learn even more secrets and interesting things. 

Here’s a list of the best moderate Disney World resort you can crash in for the night. First on our list is the Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. It has an amazing fortress themed pool with cannons, a playground the kids will love, elegant hotel rooms, and it also has a food court that caters delicious food in varieties. Second is the Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- Riverside. This resort offers a thematic feels made possible by the precious wilderness in the bayou and majestic gardens around the mansions. Plus, this place is more budget friendly. The third is the Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. It has a pool with a fun slide, a highly excellent service restaurant, and a beautiful and comfortable room with a neutral color scheme. Fourth is The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. Being here would surely make you feel as if you’re in a cabin. You can do lots of activities here like boating and fishing. It serves great dishes too.

Everyone wants to have a Fall filled with fun, laughter, and enjoyment.  So what are you waiting for? Get some dole whip shirts, book your tickets now and make this season a Fall to remember.

Gift Buying Guide For The Patriot In Your Family

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It’s the 4th of July, and it’s time to celebrate the country’s Independence Day. It’s the time to show your patriotism to America, and it’s the time to give gifts to the patriots. Jam-packed parades and concert schedules help you celebrate the red, white, and blue festivity. But gift-giving is another story especially if you plan to give a patriot. Because we all know, we can’t mess up with them.

And if you have patriots in the family, it makes the situation worse.

To avoid such situation, follow the buying tips below. You’ll be amazed how you’ll win their heart instantly.

Dining table accents and treats

Former President Ronald Reagan said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” That’s a great clue, isn’t it? If you’re having a hard time figuring out the gift for the patriot, Reagan’s quote must be your guide.

Showing up during dinner is a family must, but complementing it with treats and accents makes a difference.

Placemats and table runners create an instant 4th of July vibe on your dining table. has a wide selection of linens, crocheted patterns and quilted accessories that update the dining set-up. It also offers decor including American flag painted mason jars, wreath, bowl filler, paper straw mix, banner, garland, and centerpiece.

But the dining table isn’t just about decoration; it’s also about tasty treats.

If you’re not good at cooking and baking, you can try no-brainer treats including fruit pops, popsicles and fruit and brownie kebabs. You can also buy candy bars, macarons, and mini cakes if you lack time to prepare the treats.

Personal gifts

Although gifts for groups are widely accepted, nothing beats an individually wrapped gift. It adds a personal touch, and it shows how much time you spend in preparing it.

The good thing about a personal gift is that you don’t need to stick with items that require sizes such as shoes and apparel. Perfume and beard trimmer are among the choices that will never go wrong.

For perfume, Clinique Wrappings and Clinique Calyx are good options. They have distinct effervescent scents that are perfect to wear while watching fireworks display. If you want a romantic overtone, Beautiful Love by Estee Lauder won’t disappoint you.

Beard trimmer is the item that provides good grooming and style if a man wants to update his look. Your dad and brother will love you more when you give them one. The best beard trimmers according to a safety razor review include the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200, Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer, Wahl All-In-One Grooming Kit, Remington MB4040/MB4045B, Bevel Trimmer and TRYM II.

Also a safety razor is a really cool gift and you can find one of the best safety razor review of 2017 articles out there by just doing a quick Google search. Also you can never go wrong with a watch and we would recommend an Akribos watch, there are tons of these so we would suggest doing a quick search for the best Akribos watches review out there.

DIY Cards

Among the options mentioned, it suggests that you’ll need to splurge for the occasion. But a greeting card is a cheap alternative that can show your support for a patriot’s dedication and love for the country. You can buy handmade cards online, or you can create a DIY card. Visit a craft store nearby for materials.


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