The Role of State Attorney General in Prevention of Crime Occurrence

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The State Attorney General holds a special position in the Penal Justice System. Due to his qualification and responsibilities, State Attorney General plays a vital and pretty effective role in preventing crime occurrence in the state.  According to the law, it was of paramount importance to prevent the crime occurrence, and the State Attorney General is not only helping substantially to keep the crimes at bay but also providing the security and improving the lives … Continued

Can Trump Actually Drain The Swamp?

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The past election has facilitated many debates and discussions between voters, candidates, and parties, hitting each other with accusations as well as making promises of improving the administration once a presidential candidate is elected. In particular, one of the candidates running for president, Donald Trump, promised to end corruption in Washington through his statement and slogan that he is going to “drain the swamp”, creating a less traditional administration, hiring Washington D.C. outsiders or people … Continued

How To Combat The Social Justice Warrior Movement

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Socially progressive thinking has been highly encouraged by society over the years, given that this has enabled many voices to be heard, thereby shaping our country into what it is today. Many movements such as feminism, multiculturalism, politics, civil rights, and others have sprung forth from social progression as a consequence. It seems we are at a point in time when people would protest Disney podcasts or the latest kid’s movie just as much as … Continued

US Navy moves second aircraft carrier near North Korea

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The US Navy is moving the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula where it will conduct dual-carrier training exercises with the USS Carl Vinson amid heightened tensions in the region, two defense officials told CNN. The move comes just days after North Korea demonstrated a significant leap forward in their missile program after launching a projectile that achieved “successful” controlled reentry into the Earth’s lower atmosphere rather than falling back to the … Continued

Trump says he did not ask Comey to end investigation

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President Donald Trump said Thursday he did not ask FBI Director James Comey to end his investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Trump emphatically said “no” when asked during a joint news conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in the White House’s East Room. It was Trump’s first time taking questions since his Justice Department named a special counsel to probe Russia’s involvement in the … Continued

Mike Pence’s disappearing act

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It’s hard for a vice president of the United States to disappear from sight. After all, you are the second most powerful person in the country and all that. Despite those challenges, Vice President Mike Pence has been nearly invisible for the last 48 hours or so — even as the Trump Administration has been buffeted by a slew of negative stories that have occasioned a special counsel to be named to oversee the ongoing … Continued

‘Sessions must go’ projected on DOJ headquarters

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions dressed in a Ku Klux Klan costume and various hashtags were projected on Department of Justice headquarters and the FBI building in Washington, D.C., Thursday night. Robin Bell (@bellvisuals) claimed credit for the sayings — #SESSIONSMUSTOGO, #WeNeedToSeeTheMemo and #fireSessions — decorating the buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and the U.S. Capitol. Bell was referring to the memo said to be written by former FBI Director James Comey after a discussion with … Continued

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