Breaking News In The January 6th Insurrection

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January 6th used to be another day, until 2021. A mob of Trump supporters swarmed the US Capitol in an attempt to gain attention for a seemingly falsified defeat. Several reports and analyses attempt to discover why this event took place, some of which are more than surprising.

Americans Are Still Scratching Their Heads

When the news spread about the capitol takeover, citizens were stunned. Not only by the number of Trump supporters but the radical actions. Things didn’t seem to add up, with officers standing back as protesters broke in and swarmed capitol offices. Instead of taking action, photo and video accounts show staff standing back or running in the other direction. There were even officers that stopped to pose for selfies or direct rioters around the building.

A recent discovery caused more confusion in the discussion as to why the event took place. According to these new findings, a US Capitol police officer told fellow officers to watch out for anti-Trump individuals. He specifically claimed that they were there to “start a fight” with the opposing pro-Trump mob. The audio from the January 6th event has not been released but, a testimony from Rep. Zoe Lofgren made this claim.

Later, following the claims, a transcript of the announcement to police officers was released. Surprisingly, it appeared to only speak of the presence of many pro-Trump demonstrators. While it did mention opposing sides, it did not reflect events accounted for during official testaments with the initial investigation. On-duty officers at the capitol have already gone through questioning since the break-in, and these transcripts will become part of further investigation.

The Question is Still “Why?”

Though there are many questions surrounding security offices on duty, that’s not the concern. Those investigating the event are still wondering about the cause of the event. Some say it was the fault of Q-Annon, the extreme-right group known for their fabricated pro-Trump conspiracy. Others say that it was the former president himself, known for his colorful Twitter feed. No blame has been put on anyone yet but, both Trump and Q-Annon groups are inactive and remain censored across social media platforms marked as a terroristic threat.

Several of those photographed in the capitol are in custody and have been following the event. Though months have passed, Americans still feel the shock, even more so that there’s been no final answer. With Trump finally accepting his loss, things have calmed down, and life in Washington seems calm. However, authorities are on the lookout for signs of another uproar, attempting to stop the madness before it starts.

The insurrection seems long ago and is often forgot about with the current political climate. Not only are politicians dealing with a change in leadership but with demands for social justice for all races within the United States. With the current outbreak of violence against Black and Asian Americans, a new riot is brewing. However, there is no certainty as to when and where.