How Politics Makes Us Stupid: Why We’re Tired of the Hypocrisy

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The political landscape is volatile and complex. When you’re part of a group that makes up for a minority, you might feel like you hiave less power and rights than other groups. This may lead to frustration and anger as you see other groups getting more than what they deserve.

But why does politics make us stupid? Why do we always expect our leaders to act on our behalf even though they have minimal incentive to keep us safe? And what can we do about it? Read on to find out!


What’s wrong with politics?

Politics is a complicated system where very few people or groups get what they deserve. This leads to frustration and anger as you see other groups getting more than what they deserve.

First, let’s talk about a common response: “If the government doesn’t do something for me, I’ll just leave the country.” While that may seem like an elegant solution, it comes at a cost to the life of your children and your grandchildren. When you depart your land for whatever reason, you’re taking all of your backgrounds and memories with you. You are also taking away from the future of those who stay behind.

Furthermore, when you leave your country, you take away from the economies of that country. Simply put: when people feel threatened by political shifts in their home countries, they are more likely to invest in other countries that are stable because those nations make them feel safe.


What makes us feel like we have less power and rights?

There are many reasons why people feel like they’re not being represented by their government or, at the very least, don’t feel like they have enough power or rights. In this piece, we’ll explore some of those reasons with tips for how you can better understand why people feel powerless and what it’s like for people who live in countries where their voices aren’t heard.


Why do we always expect our leaders to act on our behalf?

We want to be able to see our voice being heard and have it have an impact on the world. This can happen in politics, but not always.

The problem is that politicians aren’t incentivized to act on our behalf too often. They might promise something to us, but they’re incentivized by a different group of people who push them towards something else.

In order for them to keep their job, they need money and votes from their constituents. A politician doesn’t want the public to see how they really vote or what they really do because then the public would be disgusted with them and wouldn’t vote for them next time around.

This is why we always expect our leaders to act on our behalf because we don’t know who would listen if we didn’t say anything or if no one was listening at all.

Without knowing who’s listening, it makes sense why people think that politicians are acting in their best interest when they’re doing things that actually benefit others more than themselves (like increasing taxes). However, this is rarely the case! It’s easy for us to believe that our voice matters when it.


How can we make change happen?

After reading this article, you’ll know that we don’t need to be bystanders in the political system. We can create change on a personal level and help people in our communities.

What’s going to happen when we make these moves? Well, first of all, when we start to vote for our politicians and support them with our money, they will have more incentive to keep us safe. So that means they’ll be more likely to pass laws that protect us against things like terrorism.

Secondly, when we take charge of the systems in our government, we’ll have a much better chance of making change happen than if other groups do it on their own. That’s because these systems work in favor of those who control them.

We’re going to make change happen by voting for politicians who are willing to protect us from terrorism and corruption and by taking charge of the systems within our government so that they better serve the people instead of special interests.

Politicians are experts at making us feel like they are looking out for our best goods when they are doing nothing of the sort. We don’t take change into our own hands because of the problems that arise from trying to do politics on our own.