What Does The Bible Say About Politics?

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The most sacred book for Christians, Samaritans, and Jews is the Holy Bible. It is an entire collection of religious texts and scriptures that people study throughout their life. In these religions, we believe it to be a way to know God’s revelations. This book is an anthology, has many things. It has prayers, incidents, hymns, and even prophecies.

Although there are several groups of Christians as well that follow the Bible as they find it right. These groups include Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox Christians, etc.

Bible has also offered a lot to ancient literature and art. It led many ideologies and intellectuals to study it. Even now, people believe that we have not uncovered the entire essence of the Bible. It has something to say about everything. This makes this book so special.

In this age, when politics is at its worst peak, it is interesting to find many people going the wrong way. This is because of the tendency of politicians to mislead and misguide others. The people who should work for the welfare of people, are dividing them to rule. Hence, it becomes necessary to see what the Bible has to say about politics. Does it justify it? Let us find out.


What Does the Bible Say About Politics?

In the Holy Bible, we find many instances where politics is there.

In Romans 13: 1-7, we see Bible is talking about being subject to our authorities. It further adds that it is no one but God who has created them. It asks us to follow them and do the right thing. Punishment is only for those who do foul deeds. The Bible refers to political leaders as the servants of God.

In Timothy 2: 1-2, the Bible talks about leading a peaceful life under a ruler. The king is nothing but a means to ensure that life remains good and towards attaining the blessing of God. Hence, the Holy Bible does not ask us to part away from politics or stop voting. It simply shows it all for a humble and peaceful life.

Political leaders are nothing but servants of God who are here to establish a wonderful world and make everything run smoothly. The Bible asks us to take part in politics. This is because we are the inhabitants of this world and it is our responsibility to take care of it. Be it mother nature, fellow human beings, or homeland.

The Bible strictly mentions that people should not fear the rulers. It is only the God that one should feel afraid of. Acts 5:29.

Hence, in every country, the people and political leaders must work together for the smooth conduct of everything. We should feed poor people, those who are sick should receive immediate care. Similarly, for those who cannot do anything on their own, others must help them.

Although, nowadays it is contrasted to see how every leader is inflicting pain and fear in the minds of people. This grueling sight is because of the ill will to have power. In such circumstances, common people must bring down such leaders and maintain unity. It is with brotherhood and equality that we can live a good life under the guidance of God.