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The political landscape is volatile and complex. When you’re part of a group that makes up for a minority, you might feel like you hiave less power and rights than other groups. This may lead to frustration and anger as you see other groups getting more than what they deserve.

But why does politics make us stupid? Why do we always expect our leaders to act on our behalf even though they have minimal incentive to keep us safe? And what can we do about it? Read on to find out!


What’s wrong with politics?

Politics is a complicated system where very few people or groups get what they deserve. This leads to frustration and anger as you see other groups getting more than what they deserve.

First, let’s talk about a common response: “If the government doesn’t do something for me, I’ll just leave the country.” While that may seem like an elegant solution, it comes at a cost to the life of your children and your grandchildren. When you depart your land for whatever reason, you’re taking all of your backgrounds and memories with you. You are also taking away from the future of those who stay behind.

Furthermore, when you leave your country, you take away from the economies of that country. Simply put: when people feel threatened by political shifts in their home countries, they are more likely to invest in other countries that are stable because those nations make them feel safe.


What makes us feel like we have less power and rights?

There are many reasons why people feel like they’re not being represented by their government or, at the very least, don’t feel like they have enough power or rights. In this piece, we’ll explore some of those reasons with tips for how you can better understand why people feel powerless and what it’s like for people who live in countries where their voices aren’t heard.


Why do we always expect our leaders to act on our behalf?

We want to be able to see our voice being heard and have it have an impact on the world. This can happen in politics, but not always.

The problem is that politicians aren’t incentivized to act on our behalf too often. They might promise something to us, but they’re incentivized by a different group of people who push them towards something else.

In order for them to keep their job, they need money and votes from their constituents. A politician doesn’t want the public to see how they really vote or what they really do because then the public would be disgusted with them and wouldn’t vote for them next time around.

This is why we always expect our leaders to act on our behalf because we don’t know who would listen if we didn’t say anything or if no one was listening at all.

Without knowing who’s listening, it makes sense why people think that politicians are acting in their best interest when they’re doing things that actually benefit others more than themselves (like increasing taxes). However, this is rarely the case! It’s easy for us to believe that our voice matters when it.


How can we make change happen?

After reading this article, you’ll know that we don’t need to be bystanders in the political system. We can create change on a personal level and help people in our communities.

What’s going to happen when we make these moves? Well, first of all, when we start to vote for our politicians and support them with our money, they will have more incentive to keep us safe. So that means they’ll be more likely to pass laws that protect us against things like terrorism.

Secondly, when we take charge of the systems in our government, we’ll have a much better chance of making change happen than if other groups do it on their own. That’s because these systems work in favor of those who control them.

We’re going to make change happen by voting for politicians who are willing to protect us from terrorism and corruption and by taking charge of the systems within our government so that they better serve the people instead of special interests.

Politicians are experts at making us feel like they are looking out for our best goods when they are doing nothing of the sort. We don’t take change into our own hands because of the problems that arise from trying to do politics on our own.

In order to sue the state of California, you first have to know that it is possible. The state has an expansive set of laws and regulations which are difficult for citizens to navigate. Many people aren’t aware of their rights about the state, or they mistakenly believe that the only way to hold a private company accountable is through the judicial system.

This guide will help you learn your rights and hold government agencies accountable while not relying on the court system. It will also go over some common issues that arise when suing a government agency, like what happens if you lose or cannot afford attorney’s fees.


Who is covered by the law?

In order to sue the state of California, you first have to know that it is possible. The state has an expansive set of laws and regulations which are difficult for citizens to navigate.

This guide will help you learn your rights and how to hold government agencies accountable while not relying on the court system. It will also go over some common issues that arise when suing a government agency, like what happens if you lose or cannot afford attorney’s fees.


What are your rights as a citizen?

Some of the legal issues that arise when suing a government agency are unique to California. In other states, it’s possible to sue an entity like the FBI or IRS for violations of privacy and freedom of inquiry. However, in California, these entities are considered “state agencies,” which fall under a higher standard of accountability.

Regardless of what state you live in, there are still some rights that citizens have when suing a government agency.

These include:

– The right to request an explanation as to why they were denied services or benefits

– The right to request compensation if they feel they have been wrongfully accused or targeted by a government agency

– The right to request an apology if they felt their civil rights were violated by a government agency

Standard due process procedures require that the plaintiff be notified about the defense’s position before the trial begins. This is true for any civil lawsuit filed against a governmental agency because governments exist to protect their citizens from harm. If this harm is not remedied, then lawsuits can be brought against them.


What are your rights as a business owner?

As a business owner, you have various rights and responsibilities when it comes to interacting with the state of California. In order to file a lawsuit against a private company, you need to know what your rights are.

These include:

– You have the right to request an investigation into unfair or deceptive trade practices

– You have the right to request an apology from a government agency that made a mistake

– You have the right to request that the state provide you with information about its policies or operations

– You have the right not to pay for services that you do not receive

– If you are discriminated against because of your race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., you have the right to sue the state and private companies on those grounds

– If you cannot afford attorney’s fees in a case where you were discriminated against by federal or state law, the court will award them


What happens if you lose or cannot afford attorney’s fees?

In the state of California, when you sue a government agency, you have to pay attorney’s fees. If you lose your case and your opponent has won, then the judge will award attorney’s fees to their opponent.

If you can afford it, it is important that you hire an attorney in this case because they will be on your side. They will ensure that you win by ensuring that all possible arguments are raised at trial and that there are no technicalities in play that might otherwise benefit your opponent.

If you cannot afford to hire an attorney or cannot afford the fees associated with hiring one, then it is still possible for you to file a claim for compensation. However, if this happens and the judge finds in favor of your opponent based on a technicality, then the judge may also award fees to them.

This gives both sides an incentive to work hard because even if they don’t win, they will still gain something from it. But remember—it’s always best practice to hire an attorney when suing a government agency because they know how these courts function and can help make sure all angles are covered!


Examples of when suing the state is appropriate

The most common reason someone would sue the state is through an administrative hearing. This type of suit is typically brought when an individual feels that a government agency has acted beyond their rights or is in violation of established rules and regulations.

For example, if you believe that a citation wasn’t valid because it was issued to the wrong party, you could petition the court for an administrative hearing. The judge will hear evidence from both parties, decide if there was wrongdoing or not, and make a ruling which can result in penalties for both parties.

Another reason to take legal action against the state is when you are dissatisfied with a decision made by any government agency. If your request for assistance from a government agency has been denied and you believe they have violated their agreement, you can file a lawsuit against the state alleging negligence on behalf of that institution.

If there is something about your life that you feel should be regulated but is not being properly cared for by the state, like healthcare insurance or immigration services, then one option would be to petition for an administrative hearing on your issue to see how it can be fixed.

Finally, if someone has committed a crime against you or someone else that involves either state property or employees of the state and they are

Suing the state of California is not something that you should do without exploring your options and understanding the risks. But, if you have a strong case and can afford to pay an attorney’s fees, then suing the state of California is usually worth your time, effort, and money. With that being said, it is important to do your research before deciding to sue the state of California.

America is now led by an unstable 45th president. It’s the moment to face the truth: America has gone insane. Our current president is a threat to our democracy and values, but he’s also just the cherry on top of the insanity sundae.

The source of this situation stems back to an 18-year-old decision that was made in 2000. The presidential election that year was one of the most contentious ever, with Republicans and Democrats clashing about everything from abortion to taxation. The deciding vote came down to a Supreme Court case that ended up giving us George W. Bush as president for two terms.

This single decision changed the course of American history forever, and it’s time we finally take responsibility for it. Here are some ways to stop this insanity and reclaim your sanity and sense of justice in America today!


The Decision that Led America to Insanity

In 2000, George W. Bush was elected president of the United States after a recount in Florida put him in office over Al Gore. Many people believed that this election was illegitimate and that it swung in favor of Bush because the Supreme Court, led by Rehnquist, stopped the recount.

This single decision changed America forever, and it’s time we finally take responsibility for it. Here are some ways to stop this insanity and reclaim your sanity and sense of justice in America today!


Dealing With the Election that Changed America

In 2000, America faced a presidential election that would change the course of history. It’s been 18 years since this decision, and it’s time we finally take responsibility for it.

This single decision changed the course of American history forever, and it’s time we finally take responsibility for it. Here are some ways to stop this insanity and reclaim your sanity and sense of justice in America today!


What does this decision mean for the future of our country?

The decision to put George W. Bush as president for two terms was a huge one. It’s now time to take responsibility for this seemingly small but hugely impactful decision and the future of our country.

If we can confront this reality and face it with open minds, we could bring about some serious change in America.

It’s not enough to wait and hope that our current president is impeached or simply resigns from office.


How do we reclaim sanity in America?

America has been going insane for a long time. We’re now led by an unstable 45th president because of a decision made 18 years ago.

In 2000, one of the most contentious presidential elections in America’s history left the deciding vote up to a Supreme Court case that was decided in George W. Bush’s favor. This single decision changed the course of American history, and it’s time we finally take responsibility for it.

It’s not just the 45th president, Trump, who is making America insane.

The 2000 presidential election that year was one of the most contentious ever, with Republicans and Democrats clashing about everything from abortion to taxation. The deciding vote came down to a Supreme Court case that ended up giving us George W. Bush as president for two terms.

This single decision changed the course of American history forever, and it’s time we finally take responsibility for it. Here are some ways to stop this insanity and reclaim your sanity and sense of justice in America today!


How can you stop this insanity?

The first thing we need to do is make sure this never happens again. It’s time we impeach the Supreme Court justices who voted for George W. Bush and prevent them from making any more decisions that will change the course of America’s history and values.

Unfortunately, there’s not an easy answer. The only way to stop the insanity is to enact change. It’ll take a lot of work and time, but we can do it.

The best way to start is by electing representatives who share your values and will present change in a thoughtful and effective way. You can vote for these representatives by volunteering or donating money to their campaign or by voting come election day.

It’s also important to look at the decisions that were made in 2000 and make sure those same mistakes don’t happen again. For example, we need to make sure that our Supreme Court justices are as nonpartisan as possible and that they’re immune from pressure from either side of the aisle.


We need every last voice we can get if we want this country back on track!

The decision that led America to insanity was the decision to have a system that was two-party. The two-party system is one of the worst systems, and it has created a toxic environment. If we want to reclaim sanity in America, we need to move to a system that allows people to vote for more than two people, and we need to make sure that this system will be upheld and not rigged.

It’s been a while since the world has heard from former president George W. Bush. However, in a rare TV interview, he let loose, sharing his thoughts about the direction of the republican party. He brought up issues about misinformation and defined the Trump era as “isolationist, protectionist and, to a certain extent, nativist.”


It “Made Me Sick”

The topics introduced in the interview covered everything from his presidency to his thoughts about the current state of the republican party. Bush expressed his feelings about the Insurrection on January 6th, claiming it “made me sick.” He didn’t blame Trump for the incident but lightly tiptoed around the idea that his Twitter choices added fuel to the fire.

When asked about the future of the Republican party, Bush expressed thoughts of concern, claiming that the current party-splitting taking place is dangerous and will wind up leading the democrats to another victory come 2024. The radicalism and cult-like followers of the Trump clan are ruining the party, taking away from the traditional conservative values of republicanism.


Perfect Timing  

Still, so much of these concerns and thoughts seem to have come at the perfect time, with Bush pushing his new book. Instead of standing out there on the frontline and taking measures to close gaps in the party, Bush was silent. Though he wasn’t out fighting against Trump, he was making connections with immigrants for his new book “Out of Many, One: Portraits of America’s Immigrants.” Bush has always taken a firmer stance on immigration, hoping to secure the border and enforce humane treatment of children that cross the border unaccompanied.

While immigration is reaching all new heights under the Biden administration, Bush couldn’t have chosen a better time to release his book. Though it’s a coincidence, Bush does make a good argument, standing up to defend and protect those coming to the United States illegally. He warned about name-calling and misinformation that most often accompanies political agendas when taking steps to secure the borders, expressing, “I hope that these faces, and the stories that accompany them, serve as a reminder that immigration isn’t just a part of our heritage.”


Reconstruction of the GOP

Those republicans that did take a stand faced scrutiny and shame, often the victim of harsh online battering and defamation. Still, Bush is not the only one that sunk in the shadows while Trump was in power. Former speaker of the House John Boehner didn’t say much, leading Joe Walsh to tweet, “…Like Boehner, you come out NOW and speak out against Trumpism? NOW? So many of us former Republicans lost everything publicly opposing Trump these past few years, yet you said & did nothing. And NOW you speak?” Many Republicans feel the failures of their efforts to put the pieces of their party back together, and their healing will take some time.

Biden’s administration is sure to be filled with more republicans just like Bush speaking out about their last reign. It’s going to take efforts to bring the party together again and change the image left by the previous candidate.


Asian and Pacific Islander New Yorkers gathered together in an attempt to overthrow mayoral candidate Andrew Yang. This opposition comes after the candidate lost the support of one of the most influential political LGBTQ groups and a more than promising lead.

After an interview with Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC, members were left in awe, feeling as if they’d been “tokenized.” Many of the members reported feeling strange and not responding well to comments made by the former presidential candidate. One filmmaker of the group told NBC News, “It was like he never met a gay person his life, even though he kept reminding us people on his staff were gay.” Others reported the same and claimed they were not so easy to persuade based on LGBTQ acceptance.


Yang’s Downfall

Previous to this event, Yang was gaining ground in New York, catching the attention of many citizens for his pledge to combat issues of low income. However, when asked about challenges in the LGBTQ community, Yang didn’t prove so forward-thinking. As a matter of fact, he changed the subject and talked about his experiences going to lesbian bars repeatedly.

The candidate’s comments about the event made listeners cringe as he claimed, “We have, like, this incredible secret weapon. It’s not even secret. It’s, like, we should win everything because we have you all.” Not only was the group not pleased but instead endorsed Yang’s opponent Scott Stringer. The race is tight, with many New York democrats preferring Yang. However, with this new powerful endorsement, Stringer is expected to get ahead or just behind Eric Adams, who has second place in the running.


Another Hit

Losing the endorsement of one political group was not the end of Yang’s string of bad luck. Just after, a petition circulated that had more than 400 signatures of Asian and Pacific Islander New Yorkers. The petition states, “There are candidates more aligned with social and racial justice values, with deeper commitments to APIA and BIPOC communities, whose mayoralty would actually benefit our communities, and they are not getting the attention they deserve.” Majority of those who signed it felt that they were not getting the representation they deserved and noticed gaps in Yang’s policies for racial injustice.

It’s not clear just how much Yang’s lead is affected, as these two hits haven’t had a chance to sing in. Polls show a decreased liking of the candidate, but there is no information about his current ranking. The primaries take place in late June of this year, with the general election on November 2, 2021.

In politics, a lot can happen in a few months, including blowing all of this under the rug. However, Yang is under the spotlight, and unfortunately, it is not a promising one. He has time to make amends, but as for endorsements, at least one group he was hoping for decided to choose his opponent.

Biden’s been all over the news as of late after his announcement to take on climate change. After four years of the United State’s resistance and reluctance under the Trump administration, the US is back but, can Biden live up to his claims?

If we take a look at the efforts of the US over the last 14 years, there have only been a 12% decrease in carbon emissions. Biden came out with a bang, pledging to cut emissions 50 to 52% by 2030. While it seems ambitious, there’s a lot of red tape as some of the largest industries are behind the highest production of carbon. The United States is the top consumer in the world, making up 29% of the entire world market. Included in the long list of carbon sources are buildings, factories, and farms, all of which contribute to the domestic and global market.


Is Biden Too Ambitious?

It’s clear that the Biden administration has its work cut out, tackling powerful industries like oil and gas and agriculture. On a positive note, one industry that’s already progressing is electricity, with natural gas, wind, and solar-powered options becoming more common. Due to its success, the administration will likely continue to hone in on electricity, making more efforts to push for clean, green, sustainable options.

With the success of their first attempts at phasing out fossil fuels, US policymakers are sure to continue in the same direction. From 2005, changes to the electrical grid were responsible for a one-third deduction in electrical emissions, creating hope that a more aggressive approach will work. There’s a huge push to electrify as much as possible, getting rid of old coal plants that were a huge contributor to atmospheric carbon. Several states have already taken steps to make cities cleaner.


What About Other Pollutants?

As far as the other top pollutants, the US will have issues, as most alternatives are expensive and could cause more harm than good.  Plus, there’s the opposing party who’s against the idea of climate change and the US’s position in international policy. And, there’s the ever-growing American way of life, with citizens buying bigger than ever before. Bigger cars, bigger homes, and more demand for products fuel the industry, creating a need that top industries aren’t okay with slowing down.


Changing the American Way of Life

While America’s international image has suffered, there was no other time like the last four years. Now, it seems like there’s a shift, but a sudden change in the American way of life is not so easy to come by. It’s not only going to take government officials but the support and collaboration of the US’s citizens. Without the demand for certain products, industries would be at a loss and eventually crumble. However, we’re far from living in a place without pollution, making it a huge issue to tackle.

At least the new administration recognizes the climate crisis on board to cut emissions and create a healthier planet.

January 6th used to be another day, until 2021. A mob of Trump supporters swarmed the US Capitol in an attempt to gain attention for a seemingly falsified defeat. Several reports and analyses attempt to discover why this event took place, some of which are more than surprising.

Americans Are Still Scratching Their Heads

When the news spread about the capitol takeover, citizens were stunned. Not only by the number of Trump supporters but the radical actions. Things didn’t seem to add up, with officers standing back as protesters broke in and swarmed capitol offices. Instead of taking action, photo and video accounts show staff standing back or running in the other direction. There were even officers that stopped to pose for selfies or direct rioters around the building.

A recent discovery caused more confusion in the discussion as to why the event took place. According to these new findings, a US Capitol police officer told fellow officers to watch out for anti-Trump individuals. He specifically claimed that they were there to “start a fight” with the opposing pro-Trump mob. The audio from the January 6th event has not been released but, a testimony from Rep. Zoe Lofgren made this claim.

Later, following the claims, a transcript of the announcement to police officers was released. Surprisingly, it appeared to only speak of the presence of many pro-Trump demonstrators. While it did mention opposing sides, it did not reflect events accounted for during official testaments with the initial investigation. On-duty officers at the capitol have already gone through questioning since the break-in, and these transcripts will become part of further investigation.

The Question is Still “Why?”

Though there are many questions surrounding security offices on duty, that’s not the concern. Those investigating the event are still wondering about the cause of the event. Some say it was the fault of Q-Annon, the extreme-right group known for their fabricated pro-Trump conspiracy. Others say that it was the former president himself, known for his colorful Twitter feed. No blame has been put on anyone yet but, both Trump and Q-Annon groups are inactive and remain censored across social media platforms marked as a terroristic threat.

Several of those photographed in the capitol are in custody and have been following the event. Though months have passed, Americans still feel the shock, even more so that there’s been no final answer. With Trump finally accepting his loss, things have calmed down, and life in Washington seems calm. However, authorities are on the lookout for signs of another uproar, attempting to stop the madness before it starts.

The insurrection seems long ago and is often forgot about with the current political climate. Not only are politicians dealing with a change in leadership but with demands for social justice for all races within the United States. With the current outbreak of violence against Black and Asian Americans, a new riot is brewing. However, there is no certainty as to when and where.

Soon after America had fought a memorable and historical war, it felt the need to organize things in the country. There was chaos everywhere, and no one knew what to do. Even though the nation was finally independent, people needed a source of light to guide its coming years. Hence in the year 1787, between the important months of May and September, important members of 12 states gathered. The place of meeting was in Philadelphia and the aim was to plan a better constitution for America’s future.

One of the major objectives was also to form a new and better government in a more organized manner. The people involved in the debates and arguments had agreed on many things, while they left some to a mighty compromise. From how the government should select its leaders, to how the government should function, they discussed everything. This resulted in bicameral legislation. This legislation included the Senate, also known as the lower house in the country’s government. And it included the House of Representatives, the upper house. They allotted the president an executive role to be selected with the voting system.


What Was the Key Issue at the Constitutional Convention?

There were several key issues at the popular constitutional convention. Some of them are:

Distribution of Powers: the primary issue was regarding the distribution of powers between state and federal government. Every leader and delegate had to fall towards a compromise to allow major power to the federal government. While they allotted the other powers to the states. The majority were in favor of the federal government being more powerful, however.

Slavery: Another major issue was regarding slavery. While some leaders were in favor of a complete ban, no action regarding that was taken. But, the discussion regarding slavery led to the popular ‘three-fifths compromise. It meant that three-fifth of the people enslaved would count in the congressional representation. A few decades later, the nation also witnessed a ban on the slavery trade.

Representation in the House: Representation was another issue that was argued over. The states with several people as residents wanted to allow representation by numbers. But, the smaller states, were demanding fair representation throughout the nation. Ultimately, this decision was also taken with a compromise. The House of Representatives had the representation as per the number of people. While the Senate has an equal number of representations despite the size or number of people living in the state.

Trade and Commerce: The common notion of the major leaders involved in the convention was to build a nationalized economy. Earlier, each state had its own set of currencies and taxation systems. This was leading to a chaotic and competitive situation at the ground level. Hence, smoother and simpler trade and commerce were promoted.

Hence, after a long series of debates and discussions, a constitution was devised that presided over George Washington. Among the fifty-five delegates that adorned the convention, some of them played a key role in the success. This included big names like George Washington, a delegate from Virginia, who was elected with no opposition as the President. Others included George Mason, James Madison, William Paterson, James Wilson, etc.

The most sacred book for Christians, Samaritans, and Jews is the Holy Bible. It is an entire collection of religious texts and scriptures that people study throughout their life. In these religions, we believe it to be a way to know God’s revelations. This book is an anthology, has many things. It has prayers, incidents, hymns, and even prophecies.

Although there are several groups of Christians as well that follow the Bible as they find it right. These groups include Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox Christians, etc.

Bible has also offered a lot to ancient literature and art. It led many ideologies and intellectuals to study it. Even now, people believe that we have not uncovered the entire essence of the Bible. It has something to say about everything. This makes this book so special.

In this age, when politics is at its worst peak, it is interesting to find many people going the wrong way. This is because of the tendency of politicians to mislead and misguide others. The people who should work for the welfare of people, are dividing them to rule. Hence, it becomes necessary to see what the Bible has to say about politics. Does it justify it? Let us find out.


What Does the Bible Say About Politics?

In the Holy Bible, we find many instances where politics is there.

In Romans 13: 1-7, we see Bible is talking about being subject to our authorities. It further adds that it is no one but God who has created them. It asks us to follow them and do the right thing. Punishment is only for those who do foul deeds. The Bible refers to political leaders as the servants of God.

In Timothy 2: 1-2, the Bible talks about leading a peaceful life under a ruler. The king is nothing but a means to ensure that life remains good and towards attaining the blessing of God. Hence, the Holy Bible does not ask us to part away from politics or stop voting. It simply shows it all for a humble and peaceful life.

Political leaders are nothing but servants of God who are here to establish a wonderful world and make everything run smoothly. The Bible asks us to take part in politics. This is because we are the inhabitants of this world and it is our responsibility to take care of it. Be it mother nature, fellow human beings, or homeland.

The Bible strictly mentions that people should not fear the rulers. It is only the God that one should feel afraid of. Acts 5:29.

Hence, in every country, the people and political leaders must work together for the smooth conduct of everything. We should feed poor people, those who are sick should receive immediate care. Similarly, for those who cannot do anything on their own, others must help them.

Although, nowadays it is contrasted to see how every leader is inflicting pain and fear in the minds of people. This grueling sight is because of the ill will to have power. In such circumstances, common people must bring down such leaders and maintain unity. It is with brotherhood and equality that we can live a good life under the guidance of God.

Framing, much like its name, is about putting something somewhere. It is often associated with paintings and photographs. But, there is also a type of framing which politicians around the world use often and have been using for many years. In politics, it refers to misleading in such a subtle way that people intend to do what they want. It is not exactly misleading or fooling the audience, but a simple tactic of putting someone’s mind over something. They do not use force or manipulation in this, but just a subtle nudge.

With the politics around the world getting affected by personal motives, framing has become very popular. In simpler words, understand it like this. If someone tells you not to imagine an apple, what is the first thing you think about? Apples. Similarly, when a consequential differentiation happens, politicians get away easily with framing. Often the role of media and television is incorporated as well. Influential politics involves the use of the power of media, the internet, and social media. They carry out purpose-driven tactics to either build propaganda or make everyone focus on something.

Let us learn more about framing in politics and how it affects the world at large.

How Framing in Politics Affects the World?

Disguising public perception and misleading a political audience have always been there. Some famous incidents of framing in politics include fuelling the Asian-American differentiation, islamophobia, racism, etc.

For framing, rhetorical strategies matter a lot. Politicians often target a homogenous group of people (with a similar ideology). They fuel them against a group that has a different ideology or perhaps conflicting ideas. In most cases, it leads to the particular homogenous group falling prey to the beliefs of the politician. This targeting helps them build a loyal audience base and voters. In almost every democracy, framing is there. Because of a multi-party system, countries like Australia, India, the USA, Russia are often the ones with framing in practice.

Several times, framing occurs because of the motive of maintaining International relations. Some friendly nations often form a cartel and target an enemy nation. Framing is like fighting a virtual war behind the doors.

For the role of media and television, framing has gone to new heights. Politicians now rely heavily on propaganda news, tweets, or social media posts. Some rumors are released on purpose. Although the good thing is that such a practice has not gone unnoticed to the new generation. People have called out to propaganda, fake news and social media websites have supported this initiative. Many intellectuals are now aiming for fighting framing. This has led to popular politicians like Trump facing bans on social media.

Hence, framing is not a healthy practice for a democracy. It divides people and misleads them. It is important to remember that tactics and fallacies are not new tools to gain voters and attention. For us, as voters and educated citizens, it is crucial to call out the wrong we see. In the Information Age, it is important to weigh every side of the argument before making your mind.