Biden’s Ambitious Goals to Combat US Emissions

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Biden’s been all over the news as of late after his announcement to take on climate change. After four years of the United State’s resistance and reluctance under the Trump administration, the US is back but, can Biden live up to his claims?

If we take a look at the efforts of the US over the last 14 years, there have only been a 12% decrease in carbon emissions. Biden came out with a bang, pledging to cut emissions 50 to 52% by 2030. While it seems ambitious, there’s a lot of red tape as some of the largest industries are behind the highest production of carbon. The United States is the top consumer in the world, making up 29% of the entire world market. Included in the long list of carbon sources are buildings, factories, and farms, all of which contribute to the domestic and global market.


Is Biden Too Ambitious?

It’s clear that the Biden administration has its work cut out, tackling powerful industries like oil and gas and agriculture. On a positive note, one industry that’s already progressing is electricity, with natural gas, wind, and solar-powered options becoming more common. Due to its success, the administration will likely continue to hone in on electricity, making more efforts to push for clean, green, sustainable options.

With the success of their first attempts at phasing out fossil fuels, US policymakers are sure to continue in the same direction. From 2005, changes to the electrical grid were responsible for a one-third deduction in electrical emissions, creating hope that a more aggressive approach will work. There’s a huge push to electrify as much as possible, getting rid of old coal plants that were a huge contributor to atmospheric carbon. Several states have already taken steps to make cities cleaner.


What About Other Pollutants?

As far as the other top pollutants, the US will have issues, as most alternatives are expensive and could cause more harm than good.  Plus, there’s the opposing party who’s against the idea of climate change and the US’s position in international policy. And, there’s the ever-growing American way of life, with citizens buying bigger than ever before. Bigger cars, bigger homes, and more demand for products fuel the industry, creating a need that top industries aren’t okay with slowing down.


Changing the American Way of Life

While America’s international image has suffered, there was no other time like the last four years. Now, it seems like there’s a shift, but a sudden change in the American way of life is not so easy to come by. It’s not only going to take government officials but the support and collaboration of the US’s citizens. Without the demand for certain products, industries would be at a loss and eventually crumble. However, we’re far from living in a place without pollution, making it a huge issue to tackle.

At least the new administration recognizes the climate crisis on board to cut emissions and create a healthier planet.