Iraqis Vote

Iraqis Vote

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Iraqis are set to head to the polls tomorrow to vote on the constitutional referendum. BKP will have full coverage of the event. The latest news and video will be updated throughout the day with special focus on the Iraqi vote.

Iraq Constitutional Referendum Vote Begins

Via Yahoo News

As the polls opened at 7 a.m., a few people were seen walking down empty streets of Baghdad heavily guarded by Iraqi soldiers and police to schools where polling stations were fortified with concrete barriers against attacks by Sunni-led insurgents determined to wreck the vote.

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Reuters: Iraqis vote on constitution
More than 6,000 polling stations have opened
NYT: Baghdad quiet as voting begins
CBS: Polls open in Iraq

Video: Iraqi Ayatollah Al-Sistani calls on Iraqis to vote “Yes” on constitution and amend problematic articles later.

I’m dead serious on this one…
Taipei Times: Should a Humpty-Dumpty Iraq be glued back together again?
Good news: Power returning to Baghdad after sabotage
Bad news:

Minor violence was reported. A roadside bomb exploded near a polling station in western Baghdad as it opened, injuring two policemen, officials said. U.S. troops exchanged fire with insurgents in Ramadi; it wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was injured. South of Basra, three armed men attacked an empty polling station at 3 a.m.; the three were arrested, police said


Polls close for vote on Iraq constitution
Insurgent attacks fall flat.

Insurgents attacked five of Baghdad’s 1,200 polling stations with shootings and bombs, wounding seven voters, but there were no major attacks reported as U.S. and Iraqi forces clamped down with major security measures around balloting sites. As polls closed at 10 a.m. EDT, many rounds of gunfire were heard. It was unclear whether the gunfire was celebratory or part of a clash.

Only three reported deaths

So far, a roadside bomb has killed three Iraqi soldiers in northeast Iraq and six people were wounded during attacks by insurgents on four of Baghdad’s 1,200 polling stations in the constitutional referendum, police said.